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Search Member Directory — Find a Psychologist

How do I find a Psychologist?

This public member directory will assist you in locating qualified psychologists in your area. Here you can find information on the psychologist's office location, professional licenses held, and areas of specialty. Once you have obtained a list of psychologists in your local area, call and interview several over the phone to determine which one is the best match for you.

When you meet with the psychologist you have chosen, an interactive process will begin to identify and define the problem you are experiencing and the situation in which it arises. The psychologist will provide a confidential, safe environment for you or your family to work through the issues necessary to solve the problem.

Who is included in the AAPA Member Directory?

Although the Athens Area Psychological Association (AAPA) cannot make any guarantee regarding the effectiveness of therapy, every psychologist in the member directory will be a highly trained professional with a doctoral degree from an accredited institution and licensed by the State of Georgia.

Psychologists go through extensive education and clinical training before they can be licensed to practice. The psychologists in the member directory are committed to the strict ethical standards of the American Psychological Association Code of Ethics.

Specific Disclaimer

When using a directory, whether it is online, or in the form of a telephone directory, it is essential to understand the difference between a directory and a referral service. A directory is simply a list of professionals, and no recommendations or guarantees are made regarding the quality of service you might expect from any of the professionals listed. The Telephone Yellow Pages is a common and well known example of a directory.

The Athens Area Psychological Association (AAPA) does not determine or warrant the competence of any psychologist listed in the AAPA Public Member Directory. Use of this member directory to locate a psychologist is voluntary and will not result in any liability against AAPA. In no event shall AAPA be liable for damages to any user of the member directory for the voluntary selection of a psychologist, for the services provided by the psychologist listed herein, or for any other damages which may occur. AAPA cannot and does not provide any warranties related to the information contained in or resulting services from a psychologist listed in the public member directory.

To search for a psychologist, use the simple search option to search by location or name. The advanced search option allows you to search for specific treatment concerns, age of consumer, etc.

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